Activists Arrested for Promoting May 27 Protest

Three activists were arrested today in downtown Cairo as they were putting up posters calling on people to attend Friday’s “Second Day of Rage” protest in Tahrir Square. This follows the arrest of a member of the April 6 Youth Movement yesterday for handing out flyers promoting the protest.

The three arrested today are film director Aida El-Kashef, graffiti artist Ganzeer (Mohamed Fahmy) and musician Adel Rahman Amin. The three were taken to military police headquarters and will be transferred to face military prosecution.

[UPDATE: All three have been released from custody]

We recently interviewed Aida El-Kashef about her role in launching the new independent media center MossireenĀ in support of the revolution.

The demands of the May 27 protest are varied but unified in one theme: dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs in Egypt four months after the revolution began on January 25th. From the crackdown on peaceful protests and widespread use of military trials against civilians, to the lack of security in the country, to the exclusion of civil society and political groups in issuing laws including those affecting elections, there is growing discontent against the ruling Supreme Council of Armed Forces and the cabinet of ministers.

The Muslim Brotherhood has said it will not participate in the May 27 demonstration and is actively calling on people not to attend, as is telecommunications tycoon Naguib Sawiris. ButĀ protest organizers have been putting the word out for the past two weeks with support from prominent media figures.

Regardless of turnout It will be an interesting day in Tahrir.